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NCHS Drama Club presents Hamlet... sort of

by Ross Haney

Imagine a high school drama club that wants to put on a spring production, but with budget cuts, the school has only allotted $8 for the event.
A marketing mastermind suggests they look at a Shakespeare play - because he's dead and can't sue them - and then recommends ignoring the classical integrity of the play and allow corporate sponsors to make certain changes in each scene to help raise funds.
So starts "The Hamlet Thrill-Ma-Geddon," a hilarious play by Don Zolidis. It was probably the laser gun war with zombies that got the play its "Thrill-ma-geddon" billing.
If you don't remember that scene the last time you saw "Hamlet," well, you needed to come see this version.
The cast did a tremendous job putting on the show and appeared to have as much fun acting as the audience had watching.

Ross Haney*
Courtney Vice
Danielle Dunn
Jessy Anderson* -
Miranda Bretz
Michaela Hatfield*
Alex Crawford
Devon Madison
Merrick Johnson
Becky Hatfield
Megan Poe
Michael Honican

Stage Crew
Hunter Mitchell
Kaitlyn Shannon
Ellissa Watson
Holly Hopkins
Randie Mitchell
Sarah Hollar
Halley Eldridge
Kacie Tincher
Sarah Lane
Tiffany Morris
Brittany Whitt
Kim Hammond*

Special thanks to the following for their support: Barbara Allison, Josh Earlywine, Tiffany Gook, Peter Chamness, Phil French, Walmart (Paris and Mt. Sterling), Mt. Sterling Kroger, B&B Grocery in Moorfield, George B. Stone, Sharon West, Emily Hall, and Barbara and David Vice.
The beautiful costumes were due to the talents of Katie Busch.
Congratulations to all involved in this wonderful production. It was a job very well done!


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