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Softball: District runners-up, advance at Region

By Ross Haney

This has been an extremely exciting week for Nicholas County High School Softball as they have flew through the 38th District Tournament and moved on to the 10th Region Tournament, where they have also found a plethora of success. The team’s play this week has been phenomenal, and they only hope to improve as their post-season play progresses.
The first challenge was their battle against Pendleton County High School on Tuesday, May 20. The Lady Jackets went into the game with high hopes, and ran by the team in what seemed to be a flawless manner. Nicholas County took the win of the game in only the first four innings; 15-0 was the final score.
Second on their bracket, the Lady Jackets faced off against Harrison County, in which a seven inning game would result in nine point loss, 11-2, and the Lady Jackets would earn the District 38 Runner-Up title, and advance to the regional tournament.
On Monday, May 20, the Nicholas County girls traveled to Scott High School to take on the Mason County Lady Royals in their first round of the regional tournament. Mason County was allowed to score five runs in only the first two innings, and by the top of the fourth inning, the score was still at 0-5, Mason.
Coach Mike Johnson told his team that they had a choice: they could choose to give up right then, or to battle for the remainder of the game.
“They looked at me and looked at each other and chose to play their hearts out for their school and Nicholas County.” he said.
And play they did; the Lady Jackets racked up nine straight runs and began their defensive drive, holding Mason to only their five previous runs. The game came to an end in its seven inning, the score Nicholas: 9, Mason: 5. The team would advance to play in the second round of the 10th Region Tournament.
Coach Mike Johnson was immensely proud of his team’s play, especially in their first game of the regional tournament against Mason County. “I was so proud of them for showing such grit and determination.” Coach Johnson said. “They fought for each other like family is supposed to. Our team is very inexperienced and we've played a tough schedule this year. It's hard to believe how far they've come in such a short time. Their progression can only be attributed to their dedication and hard work. It's awesome for them to see that hard work does pay off. Regardless of the outcome of our game Tuesday against George Rogers Clark, I have a team of winners. Each one of them will be successful in life; I have no doubt.”
The Lady Jackets advanced to play George Rogers Clark High School on Tuesday, May 27 at Scott High School. More information on NCHS Softball’s continued play will be in next week’s edition of The Carlisle Courier. .

Baseball: District runners-up, season comes to a close

By Ross Haney

The Nicholas County High School baseball season came to a bittersweet close on Monday, May 26, as the team took on the Mason County Royals in their first game of the 10th Region Tournament. Although this loss was a tough end to their tournament play, it was not the only thing that was monumental in the team’s post-season schedule.
The team’s post-season journey started with their play in the 38th District Tournament, in which they took the win of their first game against Pendleton County. This 5-3 win advanced the team into the championship game of the district tournament, and secured them a spot in the first round of the 10th Region Tournament.
The Bluejackets then took an 11-0 loss to front-runner Harrison County in the championship district game, but still went into their first game of the regional tournament with a will to win.

On Monday, May 26, the Bluejackets traveled to Cynthiana to compete against Mason County in the first round of the 10th Region Tournament. The team took on a tough opponent, and showed that they could hold their own against the best of teams.
With Junior Devin Trussell at the mound, the team started their drive early. The team held Mason to no runs at the top of the first and second. On the offensive end, Mason walked Tyler Newton, who was later advanced to home for the team’s first run, an RBI for Christian George. An RBI was also credited to Dillion Webb, as Ben Duncan was advanced to home for a run on his hit. These were the only runs for the Jackets throughout the entire game, and Mason County racked up 11 runs, taking the 11-2 win of a seven-inning game and advancing to the second round of the region tournament.
Bluejacket seniors Cameron Fryman and Jacob Wiggins both mourned the bittersweet end to the season, and talked about the game and their season post-game.
“We just got outplayed,” said Senior catcher Cameron Fryman. “I mean, they hit better than we did and out-pitched us. We just didn’t have much pitching.”
Senior first-baseman Jacob Wiggins echoed his sentiments, saying “They just out-hit us today, and there was nothing we could really do. We had a pretty good defensive game, and we did the best we could to stay in it, but they were a good team today.”
Both Head Coach Travis Sims and First Base Coach Josh Earlywine commented that the team simply didn’t have their best game in the first round of the region.
“They out-hit us today,” said Head Coach Travis Sims. “We got off to a good start; they had the bases loaded and one out and we made a play there. We got out of the inning and I thought things were looking really good for us, but if you don’t hit your spots, don’t do what you’re supposed to do as a pitcher, and make mistakes, the other teams is going to capitalize on that at this point. Our guys played pretty good defense; I think they had one error. But if they hit it where you’re not, it’s kind of hard to do anything with it… I think at the beginning of the season, a lot of people didn’t give our guys a lot of credit, and just didn’t think they were going to do a whole lot, but we got here. The more we played, the better we got. I think we got a little better as the season went on, and that’s why we got to play today. If we hadn’t have improved, I don’t think we would’ve made it.”
First Base Coach Josh Earlywine also commented, saying “We came out and played really well, and we got off to a good start, they just out-played us. They hit it where we weren’t, and they hit it hard. I’m impressed with this season, and I’m ready for next year.”
The team ended their season with a 14-18 record, and represented their school and community with pride throughout their entire year. The Carlisle Courier congratulates the baseball team on another great season!

NCHS Track and Field competes at state meet

By Ross Haney

On Saturday, May 24, Nicholas County High School Track and Field traveled to Lexington to compete in the Class 1A State Competition held at the University of Kentucky’s state-of-the-art track and field facility. The team gave the meet their all, and represented their school to an outstanding level.
First to compete was the team’s young Girls 4x800 Meter Relay team consisting of freshman Hannah Jolly, freshman Autumn Martin, sophomore Shelby Watkins, and eighth-grader Shelby Stafford. The team put forth their best effort, sliding into nineteenth place overall, with a time of 11:39.58.
The NCHS Boys 4x800 Relay team – consisting of Aaron Conyers (freshman), Logan Fryman (senior), Daniel McLean (sophomore), and Dylan Sparks (junior) – also competed, placing sixteenth in class 1A with a time of 9:10.58, some of the runners setting personal records for their time in the event.
Freshman Allison Howard held her own as the team’s only field sports qualifier, with a sixteenth place finish, and a 82-04 throw. Her skills should only improve as her high school career progresses.
Sophomore JP Wagoner was extremely successful in the 110 Meter Hurdles, with his 17.70 time and thirteenth place finish.
In what some spectators said was their best run of the season, the NCHS Boys 4x100 Relay team - Carl Hurd (senior), JP Wagoner (sophomore), Aaron Conyers (freshman), and Zach Richardson (freshman) - dug down deep and completed their relay in twentieth place, with a time of 48.02.
JP Wagoner, in his second hurdle competition, the 300 Meter Hurdles, managed a twelfth place finish, with a time of 42.60.
The last of Nicholas County’s day, the Girls 800 Meter Run regional champion, sophomore Shelby Watkins, put herself up to the challenge to run her hardest and show that all of her diligent training had paid off. Shelby remained a front runner in her heat for her first lap, but fell of the pace somewhat as the race progressed. However, she still placed extremely well among the other participants, with a time of 2:33.05, and a tenth place finish – Nicholas County’s highest placing in state competition.
“They competed extremely hard and some had their personal best performances for the year.” said NCHS Track and Field coach, Greg Letcher. “I'm really proud of our kids this year. We will miss our two graduating seniors: Logan Fryman and Carl Hurd.”
The Carlisle Courier would like to congratulate the Nicholas County Track and Field team on another great season this year. These young athletes have really represented our community to a high standard.
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