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NBCA Students of the Week


Emilee Schanding

Emilee Schanding often stays out of the limelight in events that put her in front of people. But she is not shy about her knowledge, especially in Phonics. She is outstanding. Emilee is inner driven to complete all assigned work with a calmness and assurance. She is motivated to maintain a high average in all classes. We are proud to honor her as “Student of the Week.” Emilee is the daughter of Andy and Sarah Schanding.







Mason Rorer

Mason Rorer maintains a high average in all classes and enjoys Math problems where you have to put your “thinking cap” on. He is enthusiastic in competition during school subject races. Mason shows a willingness to help other students. He reads with great expression. He is known as the “muscle man” in 2nd grade but he can display a sweet and sensitive nature. We are proud to honor him as “Student of the Week.” Mason is the son of Brandon and Kathy Rorer.







Bluejacket Pride Student of the Week


Hannah Collett

Hannah Collett is the 11 year old daughter of Crystal Collett and Barcelain Vasquez and is Mrs. Vice’s 4th grade homeroom. Her favorite subject in school is Math, especially addition, which she thinks is a lot of fun.
When she grows up, Hannah wants to be a school counselor, like Mrs. Sondra Christy. “I think it’s very interesting and I like helping other people,” she says.
When she’s not in school, Hannah enjoys reading chapter books of all kinds, which also help improve her reading skills. And improving in school is very important to Hannah. She tries to do extra work to improve her grades, and tries her best to listen to her teacher and do her best on her homework. Hannah also tries to treat other students the way she wants to be treated.
What she likes best about Nicholas County Elementary School: “The great teachers and staff,” she said.
For her hard work and positive attitude, Hannah is the Bluejacket Pride Student of the Week.”



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