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Josh Earlywine hired as NCHS assistant principal

by Ross Haney
Josh Earlywine

The Nicholas County Middle/High School Site Based Decision Making Council recently selected Josh Earlywine, tenured Social Studies teacher at NCMS, to fill the position of assistant principal of the middle/high school. Mr. Earlywine will work alongside Mrs. Barbara Allison, the newly appointed head principal.

Josh Earlywine received his Masters in Instructional Leadership from Morehead State University. Before accepting the job as assistant principal, Mr. Earlywine was a tenured educator in the classroom, teaching seventh grade Social Studies at Nicholas County Middle School. He has also been the assistant coach of the Varsity Bluejacket baseball team, which he will continue to do in his new position.

Mr. Earlywine and his wife Hannah have two children: Kylie (6 years old) and Griffin (9 months old). In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, coaching baseball, playing softball, and hunting.

When asked what he liked best about working with the students of NCMHS, Mr. Earlywine said, “I love watching students succeed in everything they do, whether in be in class, in sports, or just life in general.” He originally applied for the assistant principal position to do more for the students, teachers, and school as a whole.

“My goal for the school year is to help our school continue to improve,” he continued. “If our school improves, our students are being successful, and therefore our teachers are too! Nicholas Co. Schools are a huge part of our community, and the success of the school will lead to growth and success throughout our community.”

The Carlisle Courier wishes Mr. Earlywine well as he starts his journey as the assistant principal of Nicholas County Middle/High School. Interviews to fill the vacant middle school history teacher position have already commenced.

Alicia Hughes appointed to assistant principal position

by Ross Haney
Alicia Hughes

The Elementary School Site Based Decision Making Council has recently selected Mrs. Alicia Hughes to serve as the assistant principal of Nicholas County Elementary, working alongside Mrs. Stacey Allison, the newly appointed head principal.

Alicia Hughes graduated from Nicholas County High School in 1994, and received her Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from Morehead State University in 1998. Her Master’s degree is in Instructional Leadership, and was also acquired from Morehead State, in 2006. Mrs. Hughes has been teaching on the elementary classroom level for 15 years.

She and her husband Rob of 16 years have two boys: Eli (age 9), and Jay (age 7). In her free time, she enjoys camping, boating, swimming, playing sports, reading, and watching UK football and basketball.

”My favorite thing about working with the students of NCES is the love they show, the effort they give daily, and the overall pride they have for their school.” Mrs. Hughes said. “I love to see students be successful.”

When asked why she was originally interested in the assistant principal position at NCES, Mrs. Hughes said, “I always knew I wanted to pursue a principal position, but just wasn't sure when that would be. I love being in the classroom, but felt like the doors opened for this opportunity at a great point in my career. I began teaching 15 years ago and am looking forward to the change of being in a leadership position and working with the faculty and staff in a new capacity.

”My goals as an administrator this year include building relationships with the faculty, staff, students, and parents on a different level. I also want to continue helping the school to improve as we strive for excellence.”

The Carlisle Courier wishes Mrs. Hughes the best as she continues to serve the students of NCES, now in the position of assistant principal.

NCHS Marching Band prepares for upcoming season

by Ross Haney
Marching band camp continues with top-notch instruction and hard work.

The Nicholas County High School Marching Band began their annual two-week band camp on Monday, July 14 in preparation for their 2014 competition show. Under the direction of third-year band director Brandon Dittgen and a phenomenal returning camp staff, the NCHS Marching Band is in for another great season to add to their rich history of success.

The staff of this year’s band camp is an experienced group of educators, returning from the band’s previous season. Mr. Brandon Dittgen is entering his third year as the head director of the music department of Nicholas County Schools.

Under his direction, the band has seen several distinguished concert band ratings, and a marching band state semi-final appearance. Tyler Donanthan and Mr. Shawn Parrish have alternated weeks instructing the woodwinds in their sectional rehearsals, helping them to develop diverse musical techniques and learn their field show music. Kevin Sucher, band director at Manchester High School in Manchester, Ohio has worked with the brass instrumentalists for the past two weeks. Drew Stowers, a color guard instructor and graduate of Morehead State University has instructed the color guard throughout the duration of the camp. Percussion instructors Tony Gourley and Rob Whilhite are entering their second year leading the band’s front ensemble. Barbara Flair, veteran educator out of the Cincinnati area, has been the band’s visual technician and marching fundamentals expert.

Quite a bit of the band’s time during the camp is spent building physical fitness and stamina. Most doubt that physical strength is needed to participate in a marching band program, but in fact, it is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful field show.

Marchers receiving individualized, detailed, step-by-step instruction.

Marchers must have the endurance and stamina to march at fast tempos and play difficult music, all while maintaining excellent breath control, a key facet to both being an excellent musician and participating in a strenuous physical activity. To hone in on these skills, the band begins each morning with a one-hour physical training session, designed to build the physical endurance needed to complete six minutes of the aforementioned tasks. They then continue their days with various activities, including sectional and full band music exercises, and marching fundamentals and field show drill. A member of the band’s daily schedule is extremely rigorous and laborious during the two weeks of camp.

Although an official title has not been selected for the field show, it is said that the show will revolve around stain glass windows, and some may call up scenes of a place of worship. Many of the musical selections will be drawn from the works of classical composers, arranged with a modern twist appropriate for a marching band program. The field show will feature two soloists: Ross Haney, Senior sousaphone player, and Madison Blake, Senior clarinetist.

Band director Brandon Dittgen is extremely excited for the 2014 marching band season to commence.

“Who can't be excited about another season of marching band in Nicholas County?” Mr. Dittgen said. “Our program has a solid number of returning upperclassmen; we're in for a good season of developing higher levels of musicianship and performance.”

The students involved with the program are equally thrilled to begin the competitive season.

“I’m super excited to kick off my senior year!” said Madison Blake, Senior marching band veteran. “I am really eager for the season to come!”

A definite season schedule for the NCHS Marching Band’s competitive season has not yet been finalized. When it is complete, it will appear in The Carlisle Courier.

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