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NBCA Students of the Week


Jacie Snapp

Jacie Snapp is known for her excellent conduct in class. She has a quiet and gentle spirit and is easy to get along with. She shows respect for teachers and those in authority. She is an avid learner of Math and Phonics. We are proud to honor her as "Student of the Week.” Jacie is the daughter of Nathan and Tiffany Matthews and the late Travis Snapp.







Kayden Dryden

Kayden Dryden is known for his very compassionate and loving personality. He is willing to share with others and has a sweet outlook on life. He has a unique ability in Math to be able to solve problems without the use of paper and pencil. He is very gentle with the feelings of others. We are proud to honor him as "Student of the Week." Kayden is the son of Jacob Dryden and the grandson of Victor and Angie Dryden.







Bluejacket Pride Student of the Week


Haylee Hyatt

Haylee Hyatt is the 8 year old daughter of Phillip Hyatt and Brittany Perdue and is in Mrs. Baker’s 2nd grade class this year. Her favorite subject is Art, especially drawing and coloring houses. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up, “because I like helping people.”
When she’s not in school, she likes playing with her dog, Buddy, and spending time with her cat, Precious. She also enjoys reading. Her favorite book is Three Little Pigs.
Getting good grades is important, so she practices her Reading and her Math, and listens to her teacher. Practicing has worked very well for Haylee. She advanced in reading from novice to proficient. When asked how she did it, she said, “I started reading a lot more than I used to. I really enjoy it now.”
She also tries to be a good citizen by treating others nicely.
For her hard work and improvement, Haylee is the Bluejacket Pride Student of the Week.




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