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NBCA Students of the Week

Macey Shelton was selected for her quiet personality. She is very good mannered, pleasant and friendly to everyone in the class and out. She is a hard worker who gives her best to everything. We love having her at NBCA. Macey is the daughter of Kevin and Becky Shelton.

Kaylee Land was selected for her compassionate spirit and easy going personality. She always has a smile and rarely gets upset if things don’t go her way. She is a willing volunteer and a great friend. We love having her at NBCA. Kaylee is the daughter of Chad and Kayte Land.

NCES Student of the Week

Autumn Mynear is the 7 year old daughter of Derrick Mynear and Amber Allen and is in Mrs. Wills’ 2nd grade class. Her favorite subject is reading and particularly likes the Boy/Girl Battle series.
Reading is fun,” Autumn says. “I like lots of pictures, but I also like chapter books. You can read all day and imagine you are in the book.”
Although not sure what she wants to be, Autumn likes drawing and art.
She defines being a good student as helping her teacher do whatever she asks, and treating others nicely by playing with them and helping them.
“If you want friends, you have to be nice and treat them right,” she says.
For being a good friend and a good student, Autumn is the Bluejacket Pride Student of the Week.

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