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NBCA Students of the Week

Tyler Thomas

Tyler Thomas was selected for his affectionate and charismatic personality. He has a way of melting your heart with those big brown eyes and his tenacious smile. He actively participates in class and never gives up trying. He is very trusting with a friendliness that never quits. We are proud to honor him as “Student of the Week”. Tyler is the son of David and Betsy Thomas.







Kaylynn Matthews

Kaylynn Matthews was selected for her cooperative attitude along with her thoughtful and generous personality. She is very respectful about the needs of others and will often give of her own possessions to assist others, whether sharing a pencil, a crayon or food. She has many friends and is a very pleasant child. We are proud to honor her as “Student of the Week”. Kaylynn is the daughter of Nathan and Tiffany Matthews.







Bluejacket Pride Student of the Week

Kaitlin King

Kaitlin King is the 9 year old daughter of Billy and Rebecca Brady and is in Mrs. Vice’s 4th grade homeroom. Her favorite subject is Science where they just learned about colors by using prisms and mirrors to create and reflect rainbows.
Kaitlin wants to be an artist/cartoonist when she grows up and spends much of her free time drawing animal characters. She even demonstrated her talent by taking about 10 seconds and sketching Pepper the Skunk for us.
Getting good grades is important to Kaitlin. She does her best to pay attention in class, to listen carefully, and then to work hard to improve. “I want to be smart and grow up to be someone who’s good,” she said.
Kaitlin is also a good friend to others students. “I try to treat them like I want to be treated and listen to their opinions,” she said.
For her hard work and excellent talent, Kaitlin is the Bluejacket Pride Student of the Week.

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