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Teacher Spotlight

by Ross Haney
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson

Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson is in her 23rd year in the Nicholas County School District as the Nicholas County High School Art and Arts and Humanities teacher.
Mrs. Johnson was a graduate of Rowan County High School, and then attended Morehead State University to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Studio Art, and then later her Master’s degree in Art. After college, she taught for one semester at MSU, and then accepted the art teacher position at NCHS, where she has been teaching since 1991. She also taught art at Maysville Community College years ago while still teaching at NCHS.
Mrs. Johnson has been married to her husband Jerry, a local piano teacher, for twenty years, and they have two children: Merrick – 14, and Isaiah – 10. In what little free time she has, she enjoys Martial Arts and spending time with her family.
Mrs. Johnson’s favorite thing about having taught so long is being able to pull from a wide range of experiences in order to teach students with what resources she has available. While most teachers that have just begun are making up lesson plans as they go along, an experienced teacher has a wide variety of projects and assignments to pull from to establish a well-taught class.
She said that one of the most bittersweet times being a teacher is seeing students graduate. Although it is always rewarding to see students mature and grow, she’s always felt that it’s hard to say goodbye. But overall, it’s rewarding to see a student’s hard work pay off.
As far as what has changed since she first started teaching, Mrs. Johnson says that students are now great multitaskers, most usually working on more than one project or task at a time. When she first started teaching, many of the students would be excused for school to work in tobacco on the farm. Now students are more strained on time with as many extracurricular activities that are offered.
When Mrs. Johnson first started teaching, students were expected to sit at their desk with sometimes only minimal work to do. Now teachers are told to engage students, and they are to be up and active in the classroom, and most are still conditioned to just sitting and writing.
“Anything worth doing is a lot of hard work,” Mrs. Johnson said. “And to do art well takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Usually students that are good at it put in that hard work. If you don’t do the work daily, the skills simply drop off. Art is a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of work to get to have that fun.”

Bluejacket Pride Student of the Week
by Ross Haney

Isaiah Johnson is the 10 year old son of Jerry and Elizabeth Johnson and is in Ms. Vice’s 4th grade class. His favorite subject is Science and especially enjoys doing experiments and learning what happens. Isaiah wants to be a professional baseball player when he grows up.
When he’s not in school, Isaiah enjoys helping out around the house, and playing video games.
For Isaiah, it’s important to be responsible, to pay attention in class, to work hard, and to stay on track. “Good grades are important,” he explained, “And bad grades can set your future.”
He also tries his best to treat other students with respect, the way he would like to be treated.
For his impeccable attitude, his kind nature, and eagerness to help others, Isaiah is this week’s Bluejacket Pride Student of the Week.





Senior Spotlight

by Ross Haney
Ross Haney

Ross Michael Haney is the seventeen year old son of Mike and Marsha Haney. He has been a member of the band for six years, the District 8 All-District Band for four years, drama club for three years, the academic team for two years, is a member of the NHS, and has been the Editor In Chief of the NCHS Yearbook for the past two years. He was the student council representative of his class his freshman year, and served as class president his sophomore and junior year. He is currently a Life Scout of Boy Scout Troop 50, and plans to advance to Eagle Scout sometime this spring. His favorite senior memory was when Mr. Chamness told the story about his full-body cast in front of the whole school.
After graduation, Ross plans to attend college to pursue a degree in Music Education with an emphasis in Tuba.




Mary Brady

Mary Brady is the seventeen year old daughter of Billy Brady and Margo Whitt. She has been active in 4H Teen Shooting Sports for many years, has been an officer in the Interact Rotary Club for one year, and is currently a member of the National Honor Society. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching Netflix. When she graduates, she said that she will probably miss her classmates the most. Her favorite thing about Nicholas County High School is the teachers, and she will also miss them after graduation. Her favorite senior memory was the 2014 Junior-Senior Prom, with the Roaring 20s theme.
After graduation, Mary plans to attend Northern Kentucky University and pursue a degree in Radiology Technology.





NBCA Students of the Week

by Ross Haney
Blaine Schanding

Blaine Schanding was selected for his help as well getting ready for the Fall Extravaganza. When it comes to moving, Blaine can always be counted on to help. He always offers a helping hand to others no matter how light or heavy the item is. Blaine is the son of David Schanding and Amber Hogg.








Landon Spencer

Elliot Schanding was selected for his help getting ready for our Fall Extravaganza. In addition to helping with the cleaning he also helped with moving heavy items and with sitting-up and taking down. Elliot is a good student and excels in academics as well. He is the son of Andy and Sarah Schanding.









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