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Carlisle Graded School

by Stephen Scalf

Mrs. Mary Ellen Lucas, graduate of Carlisle High School, managed to save one of the stained glass windows from the school.
Close inspection shows the initials "C.G.S." which stood for Carlisle Graded School.
Mrs. Lucas saved the pieces and restored the leading between the glass pieces herself.
The window was donated to the Nichols County Historical Society. Mr. Eugene Hall built the lighted frame to hold the window, which is now on display at the Neal Welcome Center.
Thanks to Mrs. Lucas for sharing both her talent, as well as this beautiful piece of Carlisle history with the rest of the community.

Chamber names Garvin "Citizen of the Year"

by Stephen Scalf

This past Sunday afternoon, Jan. 11 the Carlisle-Nicholas County Chamber of Commerce sponsored a reception to present the "2014 Citizen of the Year" award to Mr. Robert Garvin to recognize him for his dedicated service to improving the community.
Chamber President Steve Scalf reminded the good-sized crowd in attendance of the good that Mr. Garvin has accomplished - from the stabilization of several buildings on the Courthouse Square, to his inspiring others to get involved in building the community.
"Mr. Garvin was the first to suggest to me that I needed to start my own newspaper," Mr. Scalf said. "And once that was accomplished came the recommendations: 'You ought to help us do something with the Frey Building,' and 'You ought to buy the Deposit Bank building and do something with that.'
"Not only does Mr. Garvin get personally involved in preserving the good in this community, he serves as the motivation to get others to do the same."
Dr. Art DeYoung, Mr. Garvin's pastor at the Carlisle Presbyterian Church spoke of Mr. Garvin's instrumentality in bringing him to Carlisle.
"It doesn't matter what the project or the need in the congregation may be," Dr. DeYoung said, "Mr. Garvin can always be counted on to give his support, and his counsel and advice."
Mr. Garvin's son, William, travelled from Missouri to help honor his father, and shared the following:
"I have always admired the large volumes of history on my father's shelves and told him that I couldn't wait until I am retired so I will have time to read them," Bill said. "He laughed and said, 'Bill, you'll never have the time. I'm busier now then I ever was when I was working.'"
After being presented with a framed photograph (taken by his son, Harry) with a number of his buildings in the background, Mr. Garvin took a few minutes to address the audience, humbly expressing the honor he felt at being selected, deflecting the attention to the many good organizations - the Chamber, the Economic Development Authority, Tourism, the Historical Society, and others - who are busy working behind the scene to help preserve and build the good in this community.
Additional thanks go to Mr. Lacy Neal for the set-up and to Ed Taylor, who provided the refreshments for Sunday's successful event.

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