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City Fire Department to offer Junior Firefighter program

by Shon Wylie & Stephen Scalf

City Fire Chief Jim Biddle, flanked by Rob Biddle and Adam Tubbs, came before the city council on Monday, Feb. 9 to present a request to implement a Junior Firefighter program for kids 15-21* years of age that are interested in becoming volunteer firefighters.
Chief Biddle was quick to point out that although the kids go through a minimum of 23 hours of actual firefighter training which includes administration, safety, fire behavior, extinguishers, forcible entry, ventilation, basic ropes, ladders, hoses and nozzles and fire control, they will never be on-site of a scene deemed as "hazardous," meaning smoke or fire is present.
Most of the duties at the scene would be tasks such as maintaining accountability and draining, coiling and loading hoses.
In addition to the state-mandated training mentioned above, the Carlisle Fire Department program will also add Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification.

This is not the first time a city council has been approached about implementing this program, and Chief Biddle said that a previous mayor and council had been opposed to its implementation because they felt it would be a liability to the city. Rob Biddle was quick to point out that just the opposite is true.
According to Rob Biddle, Junior Firefighters creates a path for new people to join the department who are coming in with almost all needed training completed. Once an individual has become an established Junior Firefighter, at age 18, he or she is able to apply to join the department, with only two more courses needed for certification.

Charlie’s “shares the love” with NBCA

by Stephen Scalf

As part of their new “Share the Love” intuitive headed by the Vice President of Sales Marketing Laura Kelley, Charlie’s Beer Cheese of Triad Manufacturing recently gave the students of New Beginnings Christian Academy a special and tasty surprise for Valentine’s Day.
Each student received a small Valentine with a sampling of Charlie’s buttered and strawberry flavored popcorn. Attached was a note that read, “Bless all children, Lord we pray, give them peace both night and day. Fill their homes with grace and love, their hearts with faith in you above.”
As shown by the smiles on the students’ faces, the gifts from Charlie’s Beer Cheese were definitely appreciated by New Beginnings Christian Academy.
“I just wanted to do something for a school or someone just to show everyone that we’re trying to help out and share our love with them.” VP of Sales Marketing Laura Kelley said.

Mrs. Kelley and Charlie’s wanted to pursue their “Share the Love” project in order to show their support for their community and thank the citizens of Nicholas County for their warm welcome of their new business.

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